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Thrive Hive is excited to announce our partnership with Pico IV, the pioneer in sterile CBD infusion technology. This  collaboration marks a significant advancement in the worlds of both CBD and IV infusions.

What sets Pico IV apart is their innovative approach to the size of the CBD molecule. Traditionally, the CBD molecule’s size has posed a challenge when it comes to sterile filtration. Previous attempts were hindered by the molecule’s size, preventing it from passing through the filtration process without being filtered out along with contaminants. However, Pico IV’s patent-pending technology has successfully addressed this issue by reducing the CBD molecule’s size 1000x smaller than a nano-particle and making it water-soluble.

Each batch is third-party tested by California AG Labs for bacteria, pesticides, metals, mycotoxins, residual solvents, and for potency!

The numerous benefits of CBD can now be accessed with a potent quick infusion.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why CBD?

CBD can:

- help soothe feelings of anxiety

- promote relaxation 

- help you unwind and support a healthy sleep cycle

- ease aches, pains, and feeling of overexertion

- soothe discomfort associated with alcohol consumption

And see hundreds of clinical studies with so many more benefits!


25mg CBD ------------- $175

50mg CBD ------------- $250

75mg CBD ------------- $325

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