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About Us

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Erin Chambers, MSN, FNP-C was born and raised in Southern California.  She attended undergrad at Cal State University, Fullerton, earning a BA in Anthropology.  Life lead her to a 10-year career in the veterinary field as a Lead Registered Veterinary Technician, specializing in internal medicine.  This career sparked an interest in medicine, though her desire shifted toward enhancing human lives and keeping pets in the leisure category of life.  Thus, she pursued a Master’s of Science degree in Nursing and followed 3 years later by attaining her Nurse Practitioner certification, both degrees coming from Western University of Health Sciences in ‘charming’ Downtown Pomona =)


 Erin also serves patients as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner at various locations.  Although Erin has had Western medicine training, she gravitates toward and is rooted in holistic and nutritional therapies. A primary interest of Erin’s is enhancing lives and promoting wellness.. going from feeling just okay and just getting through the days to experiencing the joy of the next level of mental and physical glee.  Outdoor activities such as hikes and impromptu excursions; food discoveries; wine ventures; and spending quality time with her nephew, niece, and puppy, indigo, comprise Erin’s leisurely free-time.


Gina Chambers ADN, RN was born in Southern CA and raised in Rancho Cucamonga and later Claremont CA. In middle school and high school she realized she had a love for science but also dreamt of a career where she could positively impact people’s lives. It was then she decided to start taking classes towards her nursing degree at Chaffey Community College after she graduated from Claremont High School. 


After graduating from nursing school and earning her registered nursing license, Gina was hired in the Emergency Department at Chino Valley Medical Center and San Antonio Regional Hospital. After working in the ER for over 5 years she wanted a change of pace and transferred to the Ambulatory Care Unit at San Antonio Regional Hospital where she currently works. She has partnered with Erin to provide treatment to clients that want to enhance their lives and live feeling their best inside and out.

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