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Radio Frequency ( RF )

                 TriPollar Therapy

Non-Invasive Face Lifts and Body Contouring


Tighten Skin, Smooth Cellulite, Reduce Subcutaneous Fat

Enjoy a relaxing hot stone massage-like treatment that results in lifted, tightened skin.  The treatment will also break down connective tissue that gives your cellulite its shape and texture, and literally melt away fat.   

Reduce fat thickness in trouble spots and tighten the skin over it.

Pull skin tight for a non-invasive "face-lift" and

fight the age-related loss of collagen.


We can certainly eliminate trouble spots that persist

despite your best efforts... eliminate lax eyelids and under-eyes, jowls and

turkey necks, to arms, elbows, love handles, muffin tops, thighs, knees.........

HOWEVER, this isn't a substitute for exercise and diet...

it is best combined with your own effort to lose weight and tone up! 


What is Radio Frequency?!  

Radio Frequency energy is a form of electromagnetic energy. RF current through tissue will generate heat in the tissue. This source of heat has been extensively used in surgery for hemostasis and tissue ablation (electro-surgery), but more recently it has been applied as a means of shrinking redundant or lax connective tissues through the mechanism of collagen denaturation. Collagen molecules are produced by fibroblasts. Heated fibroblasts are also implicated in new collagen formation and subsequent tissue remodeling over the following weeks which can also contribute to the final clinical result. 

What is TriPollar?!   

RF runs through three or more electrodes, that change their polarity during treatment for more homogeneous coverage and improved thermal effect. The polarity ratio results in even heating of the tissue from within, keeping the epidermis safe. Thanks to this RF modality the risk of burns and blisters is minimized. TriPollar treats facial wrinkles, both superficial and deep.


Results are more visible after each treatment.. 

6-8 treatments are needed to build a web of stable regenerated collagen to last long-term.

Following your initial series, results will last for several months before

touch up and maintenance treatments are required.

Single-treatment touch-ups are recommended every 6 months.


6 treatment series = $1400

12 treatment series = $2900

1 Treatment/touchups = $300

recommended every 6 months to maintain your results

A "treatment" is an 10" x 10" or roughly equivalent area (30 minutes).

For example: face, stomach, love handles, belly, arms, thighs...

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