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Taurine has been found in several different organs and tissues in the body, and it has a direct effect on many important functions. It may:

  • Prevent damage to cells in the retinas and inner ear

  • Strengthen and protect heart muscle cells

  • Maintain healthy electrolyte balance at the cellular level

  • Support Central nervous system by acting as a neuromodulator and neuroprotectant

  • Slow the release of adrenaline to reduce post-stress anxiety

  • Enhance mental performance

  • Enhance exercise performance & recovery

  • Antioxidant properties


Taurine for athletes

There have been many studies on taurine’s effects on athletic performance. Some of the most exciting findings include:

  • Taurine may increase the amount of fat burned during exercise

  • Taurine may reduce fatigue and makes muscles work harder

  • Taurine may prevent muscle cell damage by protecting against oxidative stress

Taurine also helps clear lactic acid when exercising, which helps muscles endure longer and feel less sore.


Taurine for anxiety

Because taurine helps with production and regulation of GABA, it plays an important part in calming anxiety and stabilizing mood. Low GABA levels have been associated with chronic anxiety, mood disorders, and epilepsy.


Taurine as an antioxidant

Taurine works differently than other antioxidants, making it a valuable addition to IV therapies that help you detoxify. Rather than scavenging and cleaning up free radicals (like vitamin C), taurine may help prevent or limit oxidative stress in the first place. It also may help protect antioxidant enzymes.

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