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Face & Body Treatments

Toning your muscles shouldn’t stop at your body –

your face needs a workout too!

Achieve a Facelift-like result with no Injections, Surgery, or Downtime!

As you age, the muscles in your face lose the strength they once had,

causing sagging jowls, facial wrinkles and fine lines, and uneven texture.

And now, triLift gives your face a workout too.

As the first ever facial treatment to utilize dynamic muscle stimulation, you’ll walk away from your 30-minute session with a well – defined, toned, facelift-like effect.

This treatment has no downtime and can provide immediate results.

Don’t leave “face day” out of your workout routine!

$750 per Session

Package of 4-6 sessions required to see lasting results

(Number of sessions determined upon consultation)

  • Packages include 2 free RF Microneedling sessions

  • Single-session touch-up recommended every 3-6 mo: 

                 $500 with purchase of a package ($250 off reg price)


Treat Yourself Now and Pay Later with

CHERRY Payment Plans!  0% APR options!!!


Sample Financing Options:


                                                             0% x 6mo            17% x 12mo


4-session pkg = $3000         $428.57             $251.93

5-session pkg = $3750          $535.71             $314.91

6-session pkg = $4500          $642.86           $377.90

Skin Tightening & Resurfacing
Body Contouring
Cellulite reduction

By allowing for pin-point precision, our non-invasive Plasma Fibroblast Pen will target specific deep wrinkles, loose skin, skin tags, scars, hyperpigmentation, and more.

Click the link above for pricing details.

Smooth out those 11s, forehead creases,
and crows feet for a younger, more relaxed look

The Legend Pro+ features Radio Frequency (RF) for skin tightening and fat reduction on face and any location on the body!  Additionally, RF-Supercharged microdermabrasion works on a larger surface area than the Plasma Pen, allowing for overall smoother and tighter skin.  Used to reduce wrinkles & rhytides, while also minimizing hyperpigmentation, scarring, and stretch marks!